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Our Aim is focused upon offering total customer satisfaction, by providing high quality solution to All Computer problems happen to everyone, usually when you least expect them. From setup problems, to computer crashes, to application troubles, every household with a computer has the potential to need computer repair and maintenance help. New model computers are introduced to the market daily. You may love a certain brand and purchase it. But if you forget or be careless about repairing and maintaining them then you will face various technical problems.

Computers are machines made of electronic parts. It’s a machine which includes both software and hardware. If there isn’t proper maintenance your computer will fail to operate and you may end up with data loss and other critical errors. If you need best computer repair and maintenance services, DSUInfo is at your service. We are best technicians. we provide unlimited tech support. DSU Info guarantees you an outstanding experience. Register with us as a customer and we will show you the true essence of remote computer support. we provide you Some best computer maintenance tips. They improve your PC’s performance and increase your work’s productivity. ​

  • Remove unwanted temporary files and software from your PC - If you have any unnecessary software remove it permanently from your computer. Type “temp”, “%temp%” in the run command box and delete the temporary files. These files and software occupy space in hard disk and slow down your computer.
  • Keep your PC Clean - Don’t drop food or liquid over your PC. Your PC’s keyboard is very sensitive. As it is made of electronic parts liquids can damage the easily.
  • Keep you PC in perfect temperature - Usually computer systems send the heated air through the back openings. Cooling fans reduce your PC’s temperature.
  • Upgrade Your PC - Keep yourself updated about your PC’s updates

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